Friday, January 6, 2012

Engagement Pics

This was my first time taking engagement pictures for anyone.  I was super nervous, but totally happy with how they turned out.  It helps to have drop-dead gorgeous people as subjects ;0)

The adorable girl is my cousin's daughter.  We went to the Tule Springs park in Las Vegas to take these pictures {the happy couple is from Vegas}.

One fun thing about this park, it is teaming with peacocks!  We had them wandering in and out of our pictures  the whole shoot.

I think they made for an interesting backdrop :0)  

The pinky-promise ring shot.  Love it!

The pictures turned out so cute and the whole shoot was so fun.  It was so refreshing to see two kids completely enamored with each other.  I finally get it.  When that was me, and everyone said how cute we were to watch, I wondered what was wrong with them.  After 15 years of marriage, it was fun to hang around  an engaged couple and remember what it was like to have nothing else in the world to worry about besides the handsome hunk your arms were wrapped around :0)  More than a few hours would maybe be annoying...Just kidding!  They are totally cute.  I look forward to more engagement shoots.  
Big kids are way easier to keep focused on pictures than 2 yr olds.

Coming up, a penguin cake for my cute friend Ashley from Cute As A Fox.  You will be just as surprised by the finished product as I!  See you soon.

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