Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ToolBox Tuesday: Paint Storage

OK folks, what I am about to show you will literally STOP YOUR HEART.  It is that exciting....OK, Maybe not, but I LOVE it!  This rotating acrylic paint storage rack has made my crafty life much easier and CLEANER!

This "Cadillac" of acrylic paint storage systems is totally awesome.  It will hold 80 bottles on one side...

Swing it around, and you can hold another 80 bottles on the other side!!!
Before this rack found me I was storing my paint in various plastic boxes.  I could never tell what color I was grabbing.  Now, I just look at the bottle, little paint-colored bum just hanging out there for me to see.

It occured to me a few years ago that I needed a rack to hold my growing number of paint bottles.  About a week later, I went to Goodwill and, would you know it, there was a wire acrylic paint rack sitting in the isle.  It was as if it saw me coming and hopped off the shelf in anticipation!  And it was only $4!!! 

 I have searched and searched the internet to give you a source you can buy one from.  All I came up with were a couple of forums that send people to Micheals to buy one of theirs.  Apparently Micheals and Hobby Lobby both sell them and you can get yourself one at either location at a discount using the in-store coupon.  Lfalduto from Paper Fashions said she saw them at Micheals for $35.  With her 50% off coupon it made it only $17.50.  There you have it.

Now for your favorite part of ToolBox Tuesday, the part where I show you what this tool is good for.  I have already shown you pictures of the rack in action... 
Holding paint :0)  So now I will show you a couple things I have made with this paint the rack is holding :0)

Birthday Trinkets, posted just last week...

Thanksgiving Centerpieces, Cut out on my band saw...

Fake Make-Up I made for my 3 yr old and her friends...

The wildly popular Gratitude Trees made as centerpieces for Super Saturday 2011

Play Food, a project available for Super Saturday

These Family Blocks I made for myself {finally} :0)

The Guitars for Dad {Father's Day}

More Clippies than I would Like to Mention!!!

various Baby Shower Supplies like the cake pop stand above, the baby blocks below, or the baby name sign below the blocks...

This Snowman, need to make another one so I can have one!!!

Whatever Cake Parts I might decide I need...like the handle of this violin.

I used my paint to decorate these wooden Play Shoes cut on my Band Saw.

Hey, look!  There is our Guest of Honor, Mrs. Paint Rack, next to Madison!  How is that for a tool in ACTION!

We used the paint to make these New Baby Welcome Do-Dads to hang from trees...

and most important of ALL, our Count Down to Edward!!! blocks.  Hey, that reminds me!  I need to get these back out.  The movie will be out on DVD in...1.2...8.9..17 days!!!  Yep, February 11th Ladies!  Get your camp chairs ready :0)

So, now that I have my hand dandy paint rack I no longer guess what bottle is coming out of the box.  I don't have to search through box after box to find the color i am looking for, and I can have my whole collection sitting next to me as I paint, making my painting sessions much more enjoyable and lazy {I felt the need to throw that last -honest- part in there} since I am not constantly getting up to look for paint bottles.  Now to make a cover so that I don't dump half of them out on the floor when I am transporting the rack....I guess that can wait a little longer.  I am a little too distracted by Edward's picture to remember what I was talking about.  

Have a great week everyone!  I will be back soon with Valentine wood crafts and Angry Bird Blue and Gold prep!!!  Yay!  I do love coming up with new stuff :0)


  1. You made some nice points there. I did a search on the subject and found the majority of persons will agree with your blog.
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  2. Micheal's and Hobby Lobby do not sell the Acrylic Paint Rack any more. I need to know where I can find one. Please reply.


    1. Sandy, I will head out today and see if my local stores have them. Otherwise, I found one dealer, but you have to order 200 of them!!! I don't think we can drum up 200 customers, but I will get on this situation and see if we can't get everyone's craft paint organization trauma obliterated!!! :0) I will be back!

    2. I would like to know, too, if you find one! I have searched high and low to find something not to pricey and am out of luck.

    3. OK. I have contacted the only place I have found them, a company out of China, and they have them but you have to buy 200. They haven't told me how much they are, but I will keep you all posted when they get back to me!!!

      Thanks for the comments.

    4. I have one for sell, still in the box, if you would like. email me, lynn_48221@yahoo.com

      Thanks, Katherine

  3. I am looking for a revolving wire paint bottle rack. Do you still have it and if so, would you let me know how much.
    Thanks, tnclutter@aol.com

  4. I just found your post, and I am in LOVE with the rack!!!!!! Any new developments in finding one, I've SEARCHED!!!

  5. Oh my goodness this is EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!! please tell me you have found a place that sells them?!?!? IF so please email me!! Jehsakah22@gmail.com!

  6. I was just searching for the same thing! Michaels doesn't carry them any more, but a massive Bing search turned up a page full of ideas - some to buy, some to make, some comments on other Blogs. There are even ones that hang on the wall! *happy dance* Is there such a thing as a craft space that has enough space? I think stuff expands secretly in the night to fill up available space! BTW, be careful on eBay - I saw one sold there for an entirely reasonable price of $15, with a shipping cost of $45. The URL for that search page is


    If you click on an item, it will show you a larger picture of it, with a link to the person or place that posted it in the lower right hand corner.

    Enjoy! I'm going looking for the grid shelves to put one on the wall!


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