Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Temple Pics

Our quick trip to Utah last week was to be there when my sweet little sister was sealed to her adorable little family in the Mormon Temple.  Her mother-in-law paid a professional photographer to take picture, but I couldn't resist walking around and practicing my skills just a bit. 

Here is my cute niece Sophie.  She is just about 7 months and cute as can be.

I love how these two black and whites turned out.  The expression on Kira's face is so adorable here...

And the texture of the doors here is magnificent.

Here I tried out one of my new textures.  It is pretty fun to play around with them in Photoshop Elements.

In this picture, they lifted up her train, then let it drift to the ground as the shutters flew.  It was a cool effect.

These two were all me :0)  
I made them pose for even more pics.  What good sports!

Ooops :0)
How did that get in here!?!
I couldn't resist.

Coming up shortly I will show you more photos I have been taking, and hopefully soon, I will be getting my next clippie order out....guess that means I need to work on it, huh?

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  1. How exciting ! Your niece is so cute. I love that one of you and Scott too.


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