Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ToolBox Tuesday: Pinking Rotary Cutter

This week I want to show you the pinking rotary cutter.  I am thinking there are a couple people out there who never knew such a thing existed.  In my personal opinion, rotary cutters are far easier to maneuver and much quicker than traditional scissors.  The pinking blade for the rotary cutter was a fabulous addition to the family.  Also, you should know, you can either purchase the pinking rotary cutter itself, or simply purchase a pinking blade for your deluxe Olfa cutter {only the deluxe, not the standard cutter}.  I believe the pinking blade is 45mm", so if you have the 60mm you will need to purchase the 45mm deluxe cutter to be able to use it.
 I found a great article on rotary cutters over at Threads Magazine that is a wealth of information.  They talk about the various benefits of rotary cutters in general, such as ease of following the curves of a pattern and the benefits to users that suffer from arthritis.  Rotary cutters are also a great way to cut out fabric in multiple layers with far less shifting of the fabrics.  If you are new to the idea of using a rotary cutter and what additional materials are involved, I would check out that article.  

So why do you want a Pinking Rotary Cutter???  
It's a fabulous way to make a quick, beautiful project without worrying about fraying threads! 

Chrissy, over at Snappy Stitches, said she bought her pinking blade so she could cut the edges of her fabric before pre-washing so they didn't come out of the dryer a huge pile of tangled strings
{we all know what that is like :0} 

You may own a pair of pinking shears...
So, the rotary cutter blade does the same thing, it is just easier on the wrist and hand, plus can cut through multiple layers at a time.  

Tricia, from the LeafyTreeTopSpot made this cute little holder for plastic bags.  I am assuming it is for walking your dog, but she mentions how you can pink raw edges if you don't have a serger.  It is a fabulous way to get by while you are saving up for a serger of your own.

Finally, I want to show you a couple projects I found around the web that used the pinking rotary cutter.  Again, pinking shears can be used if you don't have the rotary cutter, but if you craft in volume {is there any other way} or have arthritic joints like me :0)  the rotary pinking blade is definitely something to look into!

They pink the fabric strip before sewing it to the tea towel, then pink the fabric scraps to make the cute little bow.

I have used my pinking rotary several times to make these fabric pennant banners.  They make the edges so cute and decorative.

This skirt was one project where Elizabeth actually serged the edges of the ruffles, but she says that you can just as easily cut the fabric with a pinking rotary cutter to keep the ruffles from fraying.  Seriously, it holds up to regular washing really well.

Hasn't everyone made a pair of these...or at least wanted to???  Rotary cut your fabric strips with the pinking blade and avoid the frayed strings that tickle the tops of your feet :0)

The pinking rotary cutter is a fabulous way to make a quick bean bag or rice hot/cold pack with very little effort.  Just pink the edges and don't even bother turning the fabric!
Here are scented satchels made in the same fashion...

Lets not forget a favorite use... 
This tutorial is actually done using pinking shears, but someone should let her know that they could be made even easier with the rotary cutter.  I would probably cut the wide strips with the pinking rotary cutter, then come back and cut the thinner strips with the regular cutter...or just pink the whole thing!  Why not :0)

Whether you want this as a wreath, like shown here, or as an individual flower on a hair clip, the felt looks GREAT when pinked.  

Let me show you what I am talking about...

Felt Circle Flower {on sale on Etsy}

Last, but not least...Where to buy!!!
You can find the Olfa brand Rotary Pinking supplies at Joanns, Amazon.com, and various other online retailers.

The Pinking Rotary Cutter, LOVE IT!!!


  1. Wow, it sounds like I had better get one. You have sold me on the fact that I can't cut with scissors very easily any more due to arthritic hands. I had no idea it was even out there. Thanks.

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  3. Awsome site! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am bookmarking your feeds also
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  4. Fab! This helped and answered some of my questions. Thank you x

    1. Glad to hear it! Let me know if there are any other questions I can answer for you :0}



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