Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Caker Weekend

I had a BIG caking weekend, with three cakes/Cupcake towers to make for St. Patrick's Day.  
Here is a quick look at my work.  I tried this ribbon frosting and loved it so much, I ended up using it on all three cakes.  Super cute and thanks to the delicious whipped frosting, Super Yummy!

This cake was for a baby shower.  The sweet mommy is having a baby girl in a little while, and she wanted pink and purple flowers with butterflies.  

I made all the chocolate cupcakes, filled with fudge, with purple frosting and a variety of colored flowers.

I made this batch of butterflies quite quickly actually.  They are completely edible, made from Rice paper you can purchase from the cake supply store for about $.25 each or less.  The sheets are quite similar to regular paper, but made out of rice.  They come 8.5x11 inches.

Since I am a cheater, I used my sizzix to cut out 4 or 8 at a time.

Once cut, I used a food-grade paint brush to brush the luster dust onto the wings.  I brushed a thin layer of thinned-down Caro syrup over the dust.  The cool thing about the corn syrup is that if you only brush it on one side, it causes the wings to curl up, looking like the butterfly is actually 3D.  Love it! 

I did three other flavors of cupcakes, French Vanilla with lemon filling, Carrot with caramel cheesecake filling, and Strawberry with strawberry cheesecake filling.  Yum.

This cake was the topper of the cake tower.  I already had the stand all boxed up and way more work to do, so you will just have to imagine how it would have looked all together.

This cake was for a 4yr old's birthday party on St. Patrick's Day.  She wanted a Hello Kitty cake with shamrocks and rainbows.  This is what I came up with.   

I saw the idea on Pinterest to make rainbows using this candy....
I found it at Walgreens.  It worked like a charm!  There are 12 pieces and you cut each piece in half, so if you don't eat any during the process, you will get 2 dozen rainbows out of one package...about $1.25.

I just frosted them as usual, then added two fat stars in white for the clouds about where I wanted my rainbow to end up.  Then, I just shoved the candy strips in place.  They stayed there and we were both happy :0) 

For the tower topper, I filled chocolate cake with fudge, then frosted with the whipped cream icing.  I made the Hello Kitty, rainbow, and shamrock sign out of wood, then modge podged the printables to the wood.  After a top coat of food-safe sealer, I placed them into the cake.  I like using the wood cutouts so the kids can keep them as a memoir of their party.  

These are the Hello Kitty cupcakes.  I used this Hello Kitty vegetable cutter:
to cut out the Hello Kitties.  It is fabulous!

My final cake was this darling pink cake.  I really should have made the cake strawberry to add to the pink-ie ness of it, but just made all three chocolate to keep things simple.  This cake was for a friend's 40th birthday party. 

I ended up with several pink flowers left over from a previous cake so I added them to the top of the cake.  It worked fabulously, since these cakes are a little tough to finish off the top in a cute way.

I am really loven' the ruffle sides.  I will be using that style a LOT more often.  It was so easy.  You just have to watch that your ruffles go straight up and not end up like a slant.  This technique does require a ton of frosting too.

Whew!  Glad my crazy caking weekend is done.  Now to get ready for the wedding in Las Vegas.  My cousin's daughter is getting married and they are doing the whole reception in Shabby Chic.  Love it!  I am dragging my kids up there to help get things ready.  Wish us all luck!!!


  1. You are so amazing. I love reading your blog. I am Candice's aunt Michelle. I hope too meet you in person so I can touch you and maybevsomevof your talent will rub off onto me.

  2. I LOVE the ribbon frosting, it is gorgeous! I am sure everyone was happy with their cakes. Good luck getting ready for the wedding!

  3. Just found your blog! It is adorable. I love all of your cakes and cupcakes. So pretty! Are the little flowers out of fondant? XoXo

    1. Awesome! So glad you like my crazy ramblings :0) Yep, those flowers are fondant. I just discovered Satin Ice brand fondant {like used on Cake Boss} and LOVE IT! Thanks so much for following!!!!


  4. just stumbled onto your blog thru pinterest... I LOVE this ribbon technique, what kind of frosting do you use, do you crumb coat first? Would you share your recipe for the whipped frosting? my email is I would love to try it!!! I am doing a Smash Cake photoshoot this week for a soon to be 1 yearold and I would love to try this technique! THANKS!!!

    1. Sorry it took me so long, but I finally got that tutorial posted and realized I never linked back to your comment! Here is my post. I hope it helps. I hope your shoot went well. I am becoming a photo-addict myself :0) It sounds like a blast!



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