Monday, March 26, 2012

Wedding Pics

Well, I made myself a nuisance again and got the wedding photographer to let me follow her around last weekend while she took pictures of the bride and groom.  How darling are these pictures!?!  

I take no credit for the posing, for I just followed around practicing my metering and aperture adjusting, but I did manage to sneak in a shot or two of my own.

The bride is the oldest daughter of my cousin.  The bride is actually a twin, their poor mama :0)
Sadly, her twin brother was not able to make the wedding as he is serving a mission for their church, but I am certain he will have no shortage of pictures to flip through when he gets back home!

OK, I saved the next three pictures for last because they are my personal favorites.  The bride loves vintage things so I used a vintage 70s action and some textures I have for Photoshop Elements to doctor up these images.

This was my shot.  I grabbed the bride while the photographer was shooting the groom and got a pic of her GORGEOUS lashes!  Love, LoVe, LOVE!!!!

As much as I like all the others, this is my absolute fave.  It sure helps to have such gorgeous people to take pictures of ;0)  Thanks to all involved who let me play around with my camera and such to see what I could come up with.  To the bride and groom, may you enjoy the company of each other for your whole lives and throughout eternity!

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