Friday, March 2, 2012

More Polymer {Etsy Love}

OK, Typing one handed because I have a baby in the other.  I saw these darling Polymer charms on Etsy and thought them worth a post.  
Xheck these out!!!
Oooops, I meant Check these out :0)

I cant imagine shoving these in my ears, but as a piece of art they are awesome and I can't even imagine how she made them!!!

No, no miniature food obsession here!  
Aren't they all SO cute!!!

If you know who this is, you might be an old person ;0}

Darling!  The detail is incredible. {finally put my borrowed baby down, A typing I will go!}

And a Care Bear for my Madison!  Look at that paint bucket and paint brush!  
If I had the night to myself {never gonna happen} I would pull my clay out and make one of these.  My face would stretch ear to ear in a nostalgic, craft induced grin and you wouldn't be able to get me to stop!

Baby is back.  as few words more capitalsw....
i have like ten thousand posts i have been storing up, so keep an eye out...i am coming back :0)

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