Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wedding Printables

Running late {as usual}, I was out of time and needed to start my trek towards Las Vegas.  I really didn't want to leave for the wedding without finishing the vintage signs I had imagined in my mind so I scratched the whole hand-painted idea and just made some printables.  I emailed them over to Office Max to be printed, ran over and picked them up on my way home from Costco, and threw the following wedding signs together as we headed out the door.  Do you ever get the feeling I do my best work when totally out of time?  No, I don't thrive on emergency situations!  Only completely :0)

Here are a couple sneak peeks at the cutest reception I have ever seen in my whole life.  I am choosing to only show you the signs I made :0)  You will just have to wait for the rest.

In case you might want to use these printables yourself, here they are.

For the Cake Table

For the Candy Bar

For the Gift Table

For the Sign-In Table

And the rest are for wherever you might have need for a little more decoration.

You can download these files HERE with Dropbox.  Happy Wedding Bells :0)


  1. I do love your wedding post, but where is the derby?! Maybe you think we have forgotten, but alas, we are biting our nails wondering what glamorous event you have thrown this time!
    Thanks for being creative and willing to share your talents with the lamest of us!

  2. hi vanessa! i'm amelia from malaysia. I would love to get your lovely printables for sister's wedding! could you send a file to me! thanx! Hugs~

  3. my email:

  4. I would love to use some of your printables for my upcoming wedding! Thank you!

  5. I too would love your printables..for my brother's reception. Thanks so much!


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