Saturday, March 10, 2012

Girls Hockey Cake

Here is a cupcake tower I made recently for my darling friend Ashley over at Cute As A Fox {still totally love that name Ashley :0}  Her niece was having a hockey party and wanted some custom cupcakes for the celebration. 

Here is the hockey skate I did.  It turned out darling, if I don't say so myself.  I brushed the blade with shimmer so it had a sparkle to it.

I did some of these sticks and pucks on some cupcakes. 

For all the black pieces I used a new brand of fondant...
I have to say I LoVE it!  It tastes great.  Even for strong colors like black and red.  

Then I added these layered stars to all the rest of the cupcakes.  The red stars I brushed with corn syrup and sprinkled with disco glitter {edible of course}.

I didn't attend this party, so I boxed the cupcakes up...

And needed a bigger box :0)

This is the top of the tower.  I really struggled with what to put on top.  I wanted to do something more "Hockey-ish," but I didn't want to be boyish.  I wasn't sure if the top should be specifically hockey or more party, since it was a birthday part.  That was when I finally decided on a birthday banner.

I have seen them on other cakes and really just wanted to try it.  I made little diamond shapes out of fondant, sprinkled with glitter, folded them in half over the string, and then let them dry.  

Love it.  I hope the birthday girl loved it too.

Now, I know I promised you all derby pictures days ago, but we ended up camping this weekend and I came home and crashed.  Wish me luck and maybe i can get them posted tomorrow.  Next week, Spring Break!  I am VERY hopeful....probably a little too hopeful, that we will get huge amounts of fabulousness done.  I guess we will all see exactly what happens very soon :0)  Have a great weekend!


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