Monday, March 12, 2012

Fresh from Heaven :0)

My friend Kyia had her cute little girl recently and let me come over and try my hand at a couple poses.  I have to say, infants, when they are not asleep, are no fun to photograph :0)

Course, we were taking the poor girl outside and freezing her to death.  It is only 75 right now about 4:30, 5 o'clock :0)  She really didn't like being out of her blanket, so finally we had to keep her wrapped up.

Later that night, baby Lauren finally fell asleep and we were able to take some fun shots.  I love this one with the rings.  The colors turned out so sweet and creamy.

Do you like my new bed prop???
I made it from an end table.  I will show you more about that later. 

This picture right here is probably my favorite.  What a dollie!  This was my second time getting to take infant photos.  Both times, about 20 minutes after I got home, I just had this uncontrollable need to hold them again! Isn't it amazing how precious these little souls are to us :0)
Thanks Kyia for the chance to snuggle your cute little girl....maybe I need another one of my own :0)
SsshHHhhh...Don't tell my husband!


  1. When I first happened to see the post... I thought, WoW, she's really sprucing up the Rainbow clouds... 'cause all I could see was the balloons, and I just figured the rainbow clouds would be attached to them (LOL)... Then I went a little further down the post and saw the *Cutest little bundle of Joy*! How fun that must have been! And SO PRECIOUS!


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