Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back to School Printables

Hello everybody!  Today we are traveling somewhere between the rocky hills of Mt. Rushmore and the totally flat farmland surrounding Sioux Falls, all in the name of Marching Band :0)  Forward we go.

I thought somewhere out there in the bloggosphere might enjoy my new back to school printables.  I tried to make up samples, but got swept away before it was possible.  Now my pile of printables sits lifeless on my craft table.  I am hoping someone can cut the wood and send me a picture of what this project looks like put together ;0)  If not, I will have to do it myself when I get back to Arizona.  

The Printable above was going to be all traced onto 2" wood and cut out with either my band saw or my circular saw.  I intended the "BACK" blocks to sit right on top of the pencil.
The top printable was made with blocks that were all the same size for ease when cutting the blocks out.  This version is for all you out there that like a little variety in your blocks like I do...I even added a block with a "B" that doesn't look upside down {in case you don't like the one that came with the original font}

Here are two versions of my pencils.  The top is for 11x17 paper, the bottom for 8.5x11.

Here are some signs.  I intend to print these guys out, cut them apart, and mode podge  them to blocks.  The page above are sized for 11x17 paper, making blocks out of 2x6's.  The blocks below are sized for 8.5x11 paper, making blocks out of 2x4s.

I am so sad about not being there for Super Saturday this year, I thought I would go ahead and make the centerpieces.  I thought a back-to-school theme this year would be a nice change ;0)  I do have a couple more ideas I am hoping to make up.  

Have a great weekend you guys!!!  

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