Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oh Mama!

How cute is that belly!  This sweet mama is a friend of mine and I should have been paying HER to let me take pictures.  She is soooo gorgeous it made snapping the shutter totally fun.  She seriously should have been a model professionally.   Our other friends will back me up on this.  "Babe, you are gorgeous!"

Papa and big brother came along for some really great shots.  Out of respect to mama's wishes I didn't put any pics of big brother in my post, but it nearly killed me.  He is totally handsome and so very excited for baby sister to be born.  

Probably not the most flattering pic to my friend, but that belly is adorable!  I say stick it out there with pride.  You had to work hard to grow that baby bump ;0)

Did I mention that Mama is like...I don't know...twelve feet tall!?!  OK, maybe not that tall, but seriously, she is like 6'2, and she always wears heals.  "I am telling you, Modeling is in your future!"


This is one of my favorites.  It is just so sweet and shows that amazing affection between mama and baby that exists even before birth.  So sweet.

What a super fun shoot!  Thanks friend for letting me take your pictures and even more thanks for letting me share them!

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