Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I {Heart} Babies!

This little guy made quite an entrance into the world at a mere 28 weeks gestational age.  I got to be there in the hospital with my friend the day before she was born.  I went with a couple friends to cheer her up.  I still can't shake the feeling our laughing all night long helped the baby come sooner than later, but still baby G made his grand entrance into life and fought every day to come home to his three sisters.  I am guessing they didn't tell him he would be constantly covered with slobbery sister kisses or maybe he would have taken just a little more time ;0)

I had a lot of fun taking his pictures.  He was one of the first BOY babies I have been able to do, and a preemie at that!  We pulled out all the sports props and my new grass rug purchased at Target {in the bathroom section :0}

Just before Baby G came over I cut up a scrap board I have been hoarding in my garage and made this cute little bed.  I guess I should mention that when I was coming in from the garage after making this bed I had a little accident.  I pushed the garage door button {at our new house} to shut the garage.  The door started rolling down, then suddenly stopped and opened back up.  I was confused.  There wasn't anything that could have been in front of the door sensors.  I walked back to the front of the garage, didn't see anything but a cord that was nearby, but not near enough to catch the sensor.  I kicked the cord out of the way just to be safe, and BAMMM!  Rolled my ankle.

After picking myself up off the floor, I went back to the garage door button, pressed it, and watched the garage door fall into place as it should have the first time.  I have since learned that the door is just temperamental.  It just decides some days to roll half-way down and back up a couple times before closing...just for sport.  Long story short, I was just fine walking around til about halfway through this photo shoot.  Suddenly my foot was rather painful.  I tried to get my big body up off the floor after getting down for a close-up and discovered I could not put any weight on my foot.  I managed as best I could, but by the last shot I was in serious trouble. 

Have I mentioned that our new house is directly across the street from the old house???  Well it is, Thank Goodness!  I ended up grabbing an office chair that we had moved over to the new house, sitting on that, and scooting myself on the chair, pushing with my one good leg, out the door, down the hill-of-a-driveway, across the street, up the old driveway, and into the old house where my bed was still so I could lay down.  

I ended up going to the urgent care that night and had ex-rays and left with crutches and the diagnosis "We can't tell if it is broken or not"

Sorry Baby G.  This is what I will remember when I see your pictures ;0)
At least he was so cute!  He was worth every bit of my pain!!!
The next day, after a few hours of messing with the crutches I ditched them and just hobbled around on my foot.  Every day {of moving} my foot felt a little better until I finally forgot I hurt it at all.

There is the bed.  I simply couldn't take this little guy's pics on the other bed.  It is WAY too girly!

This darling hat was made by my good friend Mary.  You can get to her ETSY shop HERE!  She is only THE most talented knitter/crocheter I know.  She does special requests/orders so drop her a line if you need any specialty knitting!!!

These black and white are always my personal favorites though.  They are just so striking.  I just love taking pictures of babies! They are a ton of work and you spend forever waiting for them to settle and accept the poses you put them into, but it is totally worth it.  

I am totally teaching myself as I go along.  I find myself focusing on the technical side of taking pictures, getting exposure right and all that, and I see posing as a major short-fall of mine, but I am glad there are babies just falling from heaven so I have plenty of new prospects to practice on :0)

p.s. girls crafting sleepover this week so I PROMISE I will have crafts for you VERY soon!
Be back soon!


  1. Beautiful job on all of these pictures... you are the most talented woman "I know"... keep up the great work!

  2. Amazing pics...I love all these pics and its great use of these baseball and rugby stuff.Noahs ark baby shower theme


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