Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sew*Cake Makers Move!!!

The Sew*CakeMaker family is MOVING to 
Sioux Falls, South Dakota!
Shocking, I know ;0)

This is a picture I found online of the beautiful falls in the center of town.
We love them!

Just to give a fair comparison of old and new...here is
 Arizona {where we live now}...

Here is South Dakota {where we are moving...um...very soon!}
It looks like this...

And sometimes this....

But usually THIS!  Crazy, huh?  In the six years we have lived in the Phoenix area I have come to think of snow as one of those fairy tale things made up by filmmakers to make movies have an element of mortal dread :0)  Now that mortal dread gets to be a real part of my life {so proud}

This is a picture of Badlands National Park.  It is on the other side of the state, right along highway 90.  Scott loves to drive with me cross-country because I make him take all the weird off-the-road scenic options.  The Badlands is always top of my list.  It runs right along the freeway making it totally convenient...like a drive-up window at McDonalds...Drive-up window national park!  Fabulous for our fast paced lives, but I would love to come back some day and take it a bit slower.

Also on the other side of the state, Mt. Rushmore!  Also a place I force my husband to go every time we drive out to Minnesota to see family.  We love it.  I would LOVE to stay here too for a week or so and just vacation.  There is a gorgeous lake, cute little cabins to stay in, and fun little things to do all over the place.  With us moving to SD, maybe it will be more likely ;0)

That is pretty much all that I can think of that South Dakota has to offer...in addition to soon being the home of the Sew*CakeMaker family that is.  Come on by and see us if you are ever in the area :0)

So, I found out Monday that the marching band has only one empty hole in it's entire field show...and that spot is for a flute {what Madison plays} SOOOoooooo, looks like we are leaving TOMORROW to get her down up there for BAND CAMP!  You know we just fly by the seat of our pants around here, right?  Wish us luck.  My sewing machine will be packed and you can expect to see some serious clothing remodels coming up shortly ;0)  Thanks for checking in and we will see you all soon...on the other end of the country!


  1. So pretty! But you know you are going to wish you were in Arizona during those cold winters. You may just have to take a little road trip vacation back here to warm up. ;)

  2. Crazy! What fun and craziness all in one. I've never been to South Dakota, but I can't wait to make that road trip. Good luck, my friend!

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