Friday, July 20, 2012

Rolled Flower Wedding Cake

I realized the other day that I never got this fabulous Rolled Flower Wedding Cake posted on the blog.  With boxes everywhere, I chose to ignore it all and pull up the pictures tonight.  

The bride had seen my cake posted on the Big Caker Weekend and requested I do the entire wedding cake in the same ribbon style.  As I thought about what kind of flowers to put on the cake, I really wanted to try the rolled flowers, like we make with fabric, but with fondant instead.  

I found a tutorial HERE on Cake Journal.  I made the hot pink flowers with my fabulous little daisy cutters.  When all of the flowers were made, I brushed them all with this awesome stuff, 
Pearl Glaze.  You just paint it on like...well, paint or glaze {with a food-grade paint brush of course ;0}  and then let it dry an hour or so.  It gives the fondant this gorgeous luster.  Try it if you get the chance.  I have it in a couple different colors!

So, the cake went over well.  The bride asked for Almond flavored cake and filling.  I have never made an almond cake before, so I was a little nervous, but it turned out fabulously!

It turns out, there is an almond filling available at Walmart.  
I just mixed it in with my yummy whipped cream frosting and then filled the cake with it.  YUMM!  That is one cake I will have to make again!

The bride and groom seemed to enjoy it...

Some more than others ;0)

But all was made right!
I love it!!!

OK, I worked all morning on some back to school printables.  I will be back with those and a whole pile of new photos.  Also, I have a little news...but you have to wait for it!
Have a great night!!!


  1. That is the most beautiful wedding cake I have ever seen. Beautiful work.


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