Monday, July 23, 2012

Missionary Pics

I can't even tell you how much fun it was to do this photo shoot!  This young man was so excited to go on a mission for his church.  He just smiled the whole entire time.  

This was in full sun, I know...You should never take a picture in full sun.  This was kind of a "working" picture.  We live our lives in "full sun" after all.

Don't you just LOVE the wheat field!?!  I am not sure how I ended up so lucky, but I manged to find one, here in Arizona, lined with trees so we had a nice sun-free place to take pictures!!!  Super excited...and lucky. 

This is one of my favorites!!!

You wouldn't even believe how well behaved he was ;0)  I didn't have to bribe him with candy, or use my squeaker or anything!  I am going to have to do more missionary shoots, I am telling you!!!

We had to pour on a little {ChEeZe}
I am so jealous.  I LOVE St. George!  Have a great time Elder....and go eat at Judds for me ;0}

We had to get a couple with Mom.  She helped get you to this point, right!?!

Super fun.  


  1. Nothing cuter than a young missionary ready to go on a mission. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Love these pics. Great job and congrats missionary!


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