Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Seasonal Block Printables

Here are all of the printables requested by my friend Lindsey for her mini Super Saturday going on this weekend.  I am totally bummed because I wanted to go, but am chaperoning for Marching Band instead.  Oh well, I love watching the kids perform!  

I decided to post these just in case anyone else is looking for a simple craft with not much effort.    
Lindsey's idea with these blocks is to put them back to back....
so the Happy Easter and the Happy Spring are on the same blocks, you just turn them around for the next saying.

Here are the basic instructions:
Print the above printable.  If you want to email me or comment below I can email the file to you :0)
Cut the pieces apart.  Cut a 2x4 down to 3" blocks...7 for each set you want to make.  Sand them if they have rough edges, wipe the blocks clean with a slightly damp cloth, and you are ready to paint. 

{Love and Luck go together}
So paint the blocks a coordinating color.
Once paint is dry, apply a healthy amount of modge podge to the front of the blocks and mount one letter printable to the wet glue on each block.  I like to smooth the paper onto the glue with an old gift card or credit card to remove the bubbles.  Let that dry before painting a top coat of modge podge over the top to seal the project.  {letting it dry will decrease your chance for bubbles}

You can sand the edges of the project for an aged look, or just leave it looking freshly painted.  If you are going to sand, you may want to do that before the final coat of modge podge.  

With the Merry Christmas above I wanted the whole thing to fit on one sheet.  I had to make the Merry a thinner block.  For that block you want to cut one 2x2 piece of wood 6" long.  That should be perfect for the "Merry".  Also, there is a blank space to the right of the Merry.  I left that blank so you could wrap some ribbon or string around there and maybe put an ornament charm or something there to spice things up.  

The Christmas and Thanks don't exactly fit evenly back to back.  I was trying to tell her that Happy Halloween would be a perfect reverse for the Christmas, but no one ordered the Halloween blocks.  Maybe I will just make that printable up anyway ;0)

I am thinking we need back to school, happy 4th, and a couple others.  We will have to revisit the block thing later.  Also, I am a huge fan of different sized blocks, but kept these the same size to make things easier on Lindsey and crew.  

You can download all of these printables HERE from Dropbox :0}


  1. Email them to me! Perfect for our YW Super Saturday!

  2. I would LOVE you to email this to me! THANK YOU!!!

  3. I would LOVE for you to email these to me. You are so creative!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR CREATIVITY!!

  4. If you are still open to emailing the files, I would definitely be interested! They are beautiful and I would love them all, but if I had to choose one, I am most interested in the Christmas one. Please email to if you are still emailing them. Thanks so much! Staci

  5. I am very interested in all the printables! Thanks!

  6. woops! my email is

  7. Please send me these so that I can

    1. They are in the mail! Thanks for stopping by :0}

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