Friday, November 2, 2012

Listerine Sweet Smart Challenge

Remember our Listerine Sweet Smart Challenge we started a couple weeks ago???
Listerine and sent us this fabulous box of goodies and challenged to brush, floss, and mouthwash our teeth as a family TWO times a day for three weeks. 

Well, the Sew*CakeMaker family stepped up to the challenge!
We brushed our little hearts out.  We slipped a little on the flossing and mouth washing in the mornings, but still managed to floss and mouthwash at bedtime EVERY NIGHT!  I think we deserve an award considering our track record with flossing in the past :0)

The goal was to work hard at things for three weeks, and then a healthy oral care habit would have been formed.  Even with our crazy busy lives, I consider this challenge a success.  The kids loved using the cute themed tooth brushes, and even the way their teeth feel all sparkling clean after using them.  I loved going to bed with refreshing breath and knowing that all the sugar bugs were gone ;0)

I really liked the ease of the children's mouthwash, while the kids loved watching it squirt into the cup at the top of the bottle.  The Reach flossing stick was probably my favorite goodie in our box.  It made flossing Emmalee's teeth {and my own} a lot less gross.  Not too mention, no more shoving my two grown-up hands in that tiny mouth to floss it the traditional way.

Because we talked about caring for our teeth, and the effects of sugars on our mouths, the kids were not as interested in their Halloween candy!  They had a couple pieces Halloween night, then one or two pieces a day in their lunchbox since then. 

I also found brush/floss/mouthwashing a great way to avoid eating after dinner.  I would take care of oral care before we set down for a movie or show, and never wanted to dirty my clean mouth with a treat :0)

Thanks Listerine and The for inviting us to try the Listerine Sweet Smart Challenge!  Consider this family's teeth sparkling clean and on the way to better oral health.

For more information you can visit Listerine's website, and don't forget to check out to sign up for letters from the tooth fairy and find out how to help fight the world's battle with oral health disease.

***Disclaimer***I received products and compensation from Listerine and as part of my participation in this challenge.  While I was compensated, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are totally my own :0)

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  1. You just taught me how to brush my teeth.:)


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