Saturday, November 10, 2012

Arise & Shine

I have been holding on to this project for 10 months now :0}
I made this pattern up in January...or actually, over Christmas Break last year, for the youth in our church.  Arise and Shine Forth was the theme for 2012.

Here is my moment of truth...I made these samples, then decided they needed another piece of wood, about 1/8" in the shape of the oval part of the sun to go on top................................10 months later
Still not done!
I am really good at never getting around to some things.
With our Young Women in Excellence this Wed. I decided I needed to get these out and finish the project.

I know this is super late in the year, but I have all these printables if anyone wants them ;0}
I made them for 2x4's, about 11" long, 
I made them for 2x3's, just over 8" long, 
and today, I made some smaller ones for 6" pieces cut from 2x3's.

I went a little black and white because we are using them on the tables as part of the centerpiece.  We are painting the blocks all the value colors and I figured a grey would be better than orange.

Here are the suns for each size.  You can copy the file or just email me and I will send you the whole she-bang!  I cut these sunrays from 1" pine on my band saw{a scroll saw would work great too}, and the sun centers from 1/8" wood, also cutable on either saw.

So there you have it, a sunny reminder to Arise and Shine Forth!

I will be back with the sea or mini ones when I finish with them.  I actually haven't started cutting yet...Oh, that reminds me, I need to order another blade!

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  1. I love these Vanessa, no matter the timing-I'm sure they will be enjoyed always. A timeless message-thanks!


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