Thursday, November 15, 2012


Now that YW in Excellence is over *Whew* I am coming too and realizing that I have stuff all over that needs to be done!  Dishes are piled...laundry is clean, but piled...and I have a couple projects that I need to finish!

Here is where Madison's furniture lies after our painting party.  I am very anxious to get out in the garage and start distressing.  I can see being finished with the furniture by the end of today :)  

The dishes....not so much.

I am kinda embarrassed to put these little pilgrims on the blog.  They are in bad shape.  I finally got a moment to paint a week ago or so.  I worked and worked on these wood projects for a couple nights...and I do not like them!  I tried to do realistic eyes....I guess the eyes are ok.  I think it is the rest of the face that makes them kinda creepy....or maybe they need hair?  I just don't know. 

I think I have decided the nose needs to be smaller and the mouth higher, closer to the eyes.  Maybe.  Or maybe I just need to go back to "country style" dot-dot eyes and mouths.

Still thinking.

Mr. turkey....or I guess it looks more like Mrs. Turkey, I love.  I have to finish the little peg legs and then I can put her shoes on.  

Yep.  I am totally obsessed with shoes and have made them even for my turkey.  It is kinda funny since I currently own two pairs of shoes myself.  One pair of sneakers and one pair of black flip-flops.  I think it is time to go shoe shopping.  My toes were ready to walk off in protest when we went to church on Sunday.  I think it was 10 degrees with the wind.  Not flip-flop weather!

I finally got to work on my Frankenstein.  I am thinking the eyelashes are not universal.  It definitely makes them girls.  So, I guess, I need to name her Frannystein.  Regardless, I was going to put bolts on the side of her head...but now I am thinking of cutting flat ones out of 1/8" wood and just gluing them to the sides of the front of her face. I think I needed to make the eyes bigger.  Again, just trying out eyes in hopes of nailing the technique and not using googly eyes for everything :0)

Looks like we need a little more practice.

More to come...updates will be posted...eventually.


  1. Oh man! I was just imagining you walking in your flip flops in the snow! Yikes Vanessa, time for new shoes!!!

  2. Vanessa, Your Pilgrams are perfect! And as well, the turkey and Frannystein, they are so cute, you should be selling them.

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