Monday, November 5, 2012

Nativity Cut Outs

Remember this ornament from Super Saturday last year???  
Well, I have finally got the darn nativity figured out!
I can't even tell you what a headache it was, but now I have them for sale.

The paper cutouts were a pain to glue on to the ornament insert, so I am making them out of vinyl now :0)
Exciting, huh?

I have them for sale on my Etsy site for $4 a dozen.  Feel free to drop by there to purchase.  I am hoping it will be more convenient for you than having to email me to make a request.  I can do as many dozen as you need or want.  I also have white vinyl and can probably come up with colors if you so desire.

Just as a refresher, here is the ornament with snow inside...

And here it is without.
{So sweet}

So if you have these ornaments on your to-do list this season and want to take some of the fuss out of the project, just stop in to TheBubbleBox and pick up a set :0)

Happy Crafting everyone!!!


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for these. My friend and I were trying to figure out how to come up with something as cute as the nativity and couldn't so gave up. Now our ornament making plans can continue. Thanks!!!

  2. Those are so cool!


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