Thursday, November 15, 2012

Madison Day!

Madison had Monday off from school, and I was so excited to see the whites of her eyes I decided to make the whole day about her.  We started off with a lazy sleeping-in morning, followed by sanding her dresser and headboard to prep them for painting.  

Nothen' like a little work on you day off, when it is with the best mommy in the world, right?

We managed to paint the dresser and the headboard with our 3 cans of primer and 3 cans of spraypaint.  The footboard will have to wait until payday ;0)

That is about as far as we got.  We cleaned up, Madison did her hair, and we went to the park for a little photo shoot.

Isn't she gorgeous!?!
That's my girl!
I haven't edited all of the pictures yet, but these are some of my favorites.

Madison wanted specifically to come to this intersection and take some pictures with her flute.  See, she is going to Lincoln High School, mainly because they had room for her in their band, and her name is Madison...See the street sign?  Madison and Lincoln.  It is not the best part of town, but totally awesome just the same :0)

Madison's last request was a silhouette in her band uniform.  They have to turn them in this week so we had to get some pictures quick.  We found a corn field that was all stubble.  Kinda cool.

We finished off the day with a bowl of ice cream and a snuggle on the couch while watching our favorite show.  I love my girl!  I have missed her so much during marching band season. 
 I can't wait to paint her bedroom and get her white furniture in there.  It is gonna be gorgeous!


  1. Madison is so beautiful! She totally looks like you at her age. Beautiful pictures.


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