Friday, November 2, 2012

Just a Little Something

We were at church on Sunday and my husband heard that a poor little couple was getting married Friday {today} and were going to have a little church wedding.  They didn't have any money for a reception or anything, but were just going to tie the knot anyway.  

Let the record show that it was NOT ME that freely volunteered my services to make a cake.  My baking skills were going to be happily hidden during our whole stay in South Dakota!
However, when my husband asked if I would make a small cake for them, I just couldn't resist.  Remember, I have only had an oven for a month.  It is like learning to walk again.  While unpacking all my cake decorating stuff I did wonder if I would ever touch it again.  
I guess I got my answer.  
I really wanted to give the whole ruffled cake thing a try.  

Since we don't have two pennies to rub together ourselves, I didn't even have a fiver to run to the store and buy fresh flowers for up on top.  Finally I just made a couple extra ruffles and gathered them together to make a carnation-y topper.  To add a little snazz I brushed on some gold luster dust.
It looked so cool, I decided to give the whole thing a little dusting.

That luster dust REALLY made the whole cake.  It brought definition to all the ruffly layers and made the cake more elegant, like a wedding cake should be.

I have to admit, it was really fun to make this cake!
I have missed baking soooo much...just not the dishes ;0)


  1. Looks great and I am glad you (got) volunteered. I am guessing the happy couple will always remember the cake.

  2. Love it! And so sweet of you to (be volunteered) make it. :) I wanted to do a ruffle cake like this for my daughters b-day (I have 2 girls that share a b-day) but I couldn't figure out the ruffle for the life of me.

    1. Oh, I bet it would have been a great hit. I did a little tutorial a while back. YOu can see it HERE:

      This time, I couldn't find my wooden tool so I just cut a dowel and kinda sanded the end rounded just a bit so it would not cut the circle. If you do that, you just need the two sizes of circle cookie cutters and a small piece of the foam to roll on top of.

      Maybe next year ;0)
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. The cake is soo pretty! I bet the couple very much appreciated it. You're sweet to "volunteer" your services. :)

  4. That cake is so beautiful, I'll bet the happy couple was absolutely elated. You are such a strength for others....and you do wondrous things!


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