Friday, August 23, 2013

I Love My Book Worm

I didn't tell you yesterday, but I have ALSO been making other Back to School decorations for around the house :0}

Introducing, Walter the Book Worm!  Oh how I love Nerds!!!  This little guy is a welcomed new addition to the family of nerds currently housed in the Sew*CakeMaker household.

I made some pencils and apples too to go with Walter.  I cut all of these shapes out of 2" wood with my band saw, then cut the additional bits and pieces out of 1/8", 1/4", and beaded plywood.

I had the one pencil on the shelf for a day or two, but really didn't like it just sitting there.  That was when I ran out to the garage and sliced the bottom corner off.  Now I have a semi-standing pencil.  I totally love it this way.  I am currently fighting the temptation to slice the other one too.

Now, I have one more Back-to-School thing I hope to get done, said thing is to accompany my little book worm, but I am running out of steam.  We shall see if I can get to it before I hit the last stretch of wedding stuff waiting for me.

I don't know if it is weird, but these two guys are gonna stay on the porch.  I like them out there :0}

It is so fun to drive up to the house and see my cute little shelf sitters as I throw the truck into park.

Just in case you want a couple of these Back-to-School decorations too, I will have them on my Etsy site in the next day or two along with the pattern for sale.  You can order the wood crafts finished, or save a couple bucks and order them unpainted, thus keeping all the fun for yourself :0)  Whatever the case, feel free to email me if I don't get back here soon enough.

Happy Crafting everyone!!!

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