Thursday, August 29, 2013

Senior Pictures

I was totally excited to do a Senior Pictures photo shoot.  It has been a loOong time since I got to break out my camera and go to town :0)  This is Alexa.  She was a fabulous subject to photograph.  Of course it helps that she is SOoO photogenic, but also, she took verbal cues very well when I would ask her to re-position.  

This was our first location, a blue door on the side of an auto shop.  Who would have thought!  An auto shop the backdrop for a photo shoot....actually, it sounds kinda fun.  I might have to remember that one.  Maybe we can go indoors next time!

Two doors down the alley was this old, falling apart door covered in ivy.  What a gorgeous backdrop for such a gorgeous girl.

OK, yeah.  Totally one of my most favorites EVER!

This pose was just kinda by accident, but I think it was very flattering and somewhat intimate.  I like it.

The next couple pictures were taken in Chaska, MN.  This old fashioned main street is Chaska's very own.  Oh how I have missed the fabulously vintage streets of small town America!

Yeah.  No words.

I had to squeeze a silhouette picture in there.  It is unbelievably hard to find a hilly spot here in the Twin Cities area that isn't completely surrounded by trees.  Too many trees was not a problem I could foresee back in my Arizona desert days.  Back then I was just searching for any trees that didn't look like overgrown weeds.  The secret to a fabulous silhouette jump is to tell the subject to jump up as high as they can, and bend their feet back as much as they can, even til their heal hits their bum if possible.  That makes it so a person doesn't actually have to jump all that high and it looks like they have practically fallen out of the sky.

Alexa hates this picture :0}  I love it!

Alexa lucked out and got the deluxe package, all the shots and poses you could stand, since she is my very own super model {or at least she should be} cousin :0}  Thanks Alexa for letting me practice on you!  You were just perfect.


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