Monday, August 19, 2013

It's A Boy!

Talk about melting my heart!
I had serious baby withdrawals after leaving this photo session.

Meet little baby Brandon.  He was a fabulous new addition to a sweet little family I know.  His poor mom was sick and in bed her entire pregnancy, so his birth was truly a relief.  And what a blessing that he was born so healthy and perfect in every way. 

Don't you just love newborn toes!  I have dig down through the blankets every time I get the chance to hold a new baby just to see such tiny toes.  So adorable!

Bed shot with the clock set to the time of birth.

Thanks to my bestie Mary over at ContraryWiseDesigns I have this awesome Oscar the Grouch hat I love to use with little guys.  I am dying to get the little minion hat next...and maybe the monkey.  So many choices :0}

I had to squeeze in one bare bottom shot. 

 Little Brandon apparently really loves being out in the world.  I am so used to working to stretch the babies out to pose them.  I could not get this little guy to keep curled up.  He had to stretch out and spread 'em every chance he got.  It really is funny to see how different each little spirit is even from birth.

It seems that newborn pics are all supposed to be with the baby asleep.  Shoot me cause I LOVE it when we get a couple of their eyes open.  
Funny thing about this truck...I found it at a thrift store just before we moved from Arizona last summer.  I knew we were moving and stood there staring at the truck for about 10 minutes weighing whether I really wanted to pack and move it over and over again to just use it as a prop...
After this baby shoot, Eli took one look at that truck {in all of his 12-year-old-ness} and spent the next hour making truck noises and running things all over the house.  Emmalee and Eli had a few blowouts over who's turn it was to play with the truck.  I guess between their love of the toy, and how cute Brandon looked all snuggled up in the bed of it, I am glad I finally decided to add it to my cart.

Awesome!  I really have to get one of these things...
If only we could figure out how to keep them this small :0}

and sleepy

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  1. Awesome! I love your pictures. I love baby boys. Everybody should get to raise a boy from scratch!


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