Monday, August 5, 2013


I found the cutest fabric store the other day!  SewTropolis in Minneapolis, MN

I was driving down the street with not a child in my car when I caught sight of this darling store.  You should have seen the inside!

Everything was displayed so creatively, accented with red, teal, and white.

Who would have thought to use an old washer in such a cute way???

I love the little rocker up there and the chairs stacked for shelves.

After this store visit I have been even MORE intent on finding some of these suit cases to use as storage.

The fabric collection included some of the most unique prints, things I haven't seen anywhere!

They had a rack of samples for sale.  I was so excited when I came back for a second visit and realized they still had the pillow case I fell head over heals for.  I HAD to get that pillow case.  I didn't get a picture, but I will have to show you some day.   

More cute suitcase storage.

SewTropolis has a fabulous selection of oil cloth too.

I had to get a closer pic of this IKEA bag.  The owner covered the bag with oil cloth to make it adorable AND incredibly useful :0}

I liked these cute, simple display shelves too.  They are made up of thin strips of wood mounted on the wall, then strung with a thin piece of ribbon to hold the patterns in place.  Genius!

OK, here is the best part, SewTropolis is not only a fabric store, but they are a sewing studio!!!  Check out the work space!

Don't have a machine or need a little help figuring out a pattern, just come to the store and purchase work time by the hour.  The ladies in the store are so sweet and friendly.  They also have a working knowledge of all things sewing, many of them clothing designers themselves.  What an awesome place.  I am "SEW" glad I drove down this street!

My second visit was actually for a special presentation in the basement classroom.  I went to listen to a sweet little lady from the Minnesota Historical Society speak on the history of Minnesota quilting.  

I realize this might sound dull as nails to most of the general population, but I found it EXTREMELY interesting.  I took notes and pictures and notes, and then found out that the whole presentation is available online at the website HERE listed by each quilt in the collection.  Many facts can also be found in the book, Minnesota Quilts.  It was really fascinating to hear the different things they look for, like fabric, patterns, or colors used to determine exactly how old the quilt is.  They were once made more for clothing, or outer garments, than for bed covers.  Seriously, the history of quilting, very interesting!

Made me want to pull out the fabric stash and start some stitching of my own :0}

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  1. Hi Vanessa,
    I am so sorry I am just seeing this now!! All these beautiful pictures bring back so many memories of my store - I miss it - some days more than others. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for such a beautiful review. I may be back....


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