Thursday, August 22, 2013

School Bus Time!

School Bus Door Decor, FINISHED!  I was a little held up waiting for my white vinyl to arrive, but her she is :0}

I had so much fun with this bus.  The basic design has been swimming around in my head for months now, I just finally took the time to give it birth.  Speaking of the design, I plan to get the pattern for sale on my Etsy site in the next day or two and I also have an extra bus I can sell if anyone is interested.  Check my Etsy, or if you are in immediate need, email me at

Now, if I can only see some REAL school buses on my street...

Can I just say, this has been the longest summer I can possibly remember!?!  
We have been out of school since May.  The kids don't go back for almost two more weeks.  We are nearing pretty darn close to 5 months on summer break!!!

And right after a move...that means that the children have no friends to play with...or places to go...or anyone ELSE they can jabber to.  If you have meet my children, you know they never do stop jabbering :0}

I know eventually I will miss them, but that school bus is desperately wanted on this street today!

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