Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Creating Stamps With Your Silhouette!!!

I just learned the craziest thing!  You can make your OWN stamps with your Silhouette!  I am shocked and so excited!

You will need to purchase one of these Stamping Starter Kit like this one I found at Amazon for $29.99 with free prime shipping.  

Now check this video out...

OK, first thing on my Christmas list so far ;0}

I am actually getting pretty excited to start scrapbooking again and this stamp kit would be perfect to make the little pieces I don't want to buy.  The kit comes with all of the following:

3 sheets of stamp material
  • Specially designed cutting mat for stamp material
  • 3 acrylic blocks in different sizes to fit your stamps
  • black ink pad
  • 10 exclusive stamping designs, instructional DVD, and idea book
Imagine all the projects you could do!!!  You could totally make coordinating images and just stamp them where you want them.  I love the offset feature that allows you to cut a piece of paper just larger than your stamped image, and with the clear blocks you can see right where to stamp.

"Oh Honey???  Mr. SewCakeMaaaaker?  Can you come here so I can show you something?  Pretty Please?"


  1. Oh my. I love this. The tutorial was great too. Are you thinking about next year's girls camp book? No? That's's a ways away. Ha, ha.

    1. Um, YES!!! You know me too well. The doors are opening in my mind. I can make my OWN STAMPS! We need to get together and give this one a try!


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