Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just A Lil' Painting

I had a friend drop by tonight and had the chance to surprise her with a lil' bit of painting :0}  I love those kinds of surprises!

You see, I finally got up the nerve to brave the cold in my garage and cut some wood for a couple of orders I have waiting.  While I was out there, I managed to cut a couple other patterns I have been dying to try.

Please excuse the mess.  It is just me.  I am tired of trying to say its messy due to some thing or another.  It is just messy.  That is what it is like at my house.  How else are ya supposeda come up with crazy fun projects???  Mess it up!

I have the starters for some turkeys there.  After I took this picture I went ahead and painted the feather pieces all brown.  Where are these turkey feathers I am talking about?  Well, if you can't see them, you will just have to wait until I am finished painting the whole turkey ;0}

Then some candy canes, ornaments, and holly leaves.  Again, you will have to squint your eyes and crinkle up your nose to know what I am talking about...but one day you will see and you will understand.  

As for the only project on the table you can easily make out, here is my finished candy cane.  I cut the cute thing out, sanded the edges, then cut it all apart like a puzzle.  Once I had all my pieces, I sanded the edges again to give them that beveled kinda look, painted them, sanded them AGAIN, and then glued the whole thing back together.  Whew!  No wonder I am exhausted.  Just re-reading that makes my eyes ache.  

Sharon got to take a candy cane home when she left.  Hers was still wet, so she took it home on a cookie sheet :0}  It is kinda fitting cause painting this candy cane made me want to eat candy cane cookies!  Anyone have any candy cane cookies lying around you want to drop by?  I can exchange for a wooden version!  And while you are here, how about staying a bit for just a lil' painting???

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