Friday, November 15, 2013

Loven' The Ribbon Retreat!!!

Any idea what this is????
Let me tell you!  A few years ago I was cruising around The Ribbon Retreat and noticed that they had hardware blanks for several things like headbands, barrettes and key fobs.  I started wondering if they might know of where to find the clips needed to make children's clip-on ties.  I had scoured the net trying to find them and had come up with NOTHING!!!  When you search for clip-on tie clip or hardware you get tie tacs.  I emailed and asked if they could help.  They kindly replied back with where to buy bow tie hardware.  After another email clarifying that I was looking for clip-on tie hardware...did they ever DELIVER!!!
Not only did they find the hardware, but they began offering it on their site.

Neck Tie Tutorial - Instructions on how to make your own pattern! {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}
So when you decide to make every boy in your family, your sister's family, and your dog a matching clip-on tie for christmas, you now know you can find this hardware at The Ribbon Retreat and for the low price of $.95 each!!!
Now that is a price to "Tie for"!!!
I know, too cheesy, but you know I can't resist the cheese!

I did a little tutorial of my own a while back on how to use the clip hardware and you can find it HERE!!!

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