Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sassy Knits

I wanted to show you this little shop I found in one of the Minneapolis neighborhoods a while back.  I just realized I had the pictures sitting here and never got them posted :03

Sassy Knits happens to be situated across the street and down two shops from that fabulous sewing store I showed you a while back, SewTropolis, near 48th Street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Their entire line of clothing is hand made in the shop!  Not only that, but it is entirely made of recycled knits.  My mind exploded with the thought of the possibilities.  I could actually take my old shirts, cut them up, and make a whole new piece of clothing!  It's like Sassy Knits gave me permission to get creative or something.  

 They have a full line of incredibly comfy clothes for women, as well as totally adorable childrens and infants clothes.  Sassy Knits' one-of-a-kind creations are available for purchase at their store, or at a number of swap meets and markets in the area.

I was totally stoked they let me take a peek in back to check out their creative space.  Big tables, sewing machines, and tons of work space.  You can see their serger in the back.  That big blue thing on the front table, the thing with the handle up in the air...I am gonna go out on a limb and guess that is their snap press.  I have one and I LoVE it!  We used it last weekend when we made our Kitchen Towels.  I even let the little kids use it, it is that easy to use.

Wait!  Can you say sidetracked!?!  Back to the shop...

Check out all those bins of knits!!!  Talk about making money while saving the planet.  I am in total awe at Sassy Knits and their resourceful upcycling of used knits into something unique, fabulous, and new.  I am ready to hit the thrift store all over again and find something unique to play with.  I guess I should probably start with my OWN closet, huh?  

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