Friday, September 12, 2014

A Work In Progress

I have had this "Great Stuff" sitting idly on my garage shelf all summer.  It has been patiently waiting for me to find the exactly perfect containers for my fake cake cupcake project.  

Well, I found the perfect containers in Utah last month and finally got a couple minutes to get the project rolling!!!

I have never used this stuff before, but have always wanted to get my hands on it.  It is the kind of stuff you never, ever want your 8 year old son to get a hold of, but deep down inside you want to just spray it into the sky just like him.  It is usually used to seal cracks and gaps in your house around window and door jams before you put the molding on to finish up.  It is an insulator to keep drafts out and so on.

But in my house, it is used to create inedible food.  The nozzle just twists on, then you pull back only on the bottom part of the handle {attached to the nozzle you just screwed on}.

I filled each cup to just under the top rim.  I am sorry for the terrible pictures.  I tried to just snap a couple with my phone.  Ugh!  Anyway, I just went in a spiral motion around the edge of the cups and filled in the center here and there.

I was able to fill about 5 cups with one can and it just so happens that I had TWO cans!!!

OK, so left the stuff to dry while I worked on the phone all day...Came out into the garage a few hours later to grab a practice cupcake and ... 
They were HUGE!!!
What the???

OK, so don't fill to just below the rim.  I ended up using all my time cutting the foam down so I could have room to frost my cupcakes.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get some time to get that done.  I have never been so anxious to get cupcakes done in all my life.

Seriously.  I probably could have filled 20 cups, not just 10 ;-}  The other thing I noticed was they end up a little top heavy.  So, if I ever get these right and you ever want to make some yourself, throw a heavy washer in the bottom of the cup to give it some weight, will 'ya?

And just for kicks and giggles, here is another fabulous Minnesota sunrise.  The beautiful sky is the best part of being up and out driving kids around before even 6 AM.  It almost makes it worth it.  A gorgeous sunrise is definitely a great way to start the day of happy.

More on the fake cake cupcakes soon...

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