Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Military and Money App & Giveaway!

Hello, hello!  I have been recruited by today to let you know about a new app available that can be a great financial tool.  It is called My Military & Money.  McGraw Hill Financial, along with the BBB {Better Business Bureau}  have come together to create an app that has tutorials, articles, links and a helpful budgeting calculator to provide our military service men and women sound financial advice.  

While I myself have never served in the military, my father worked for the military while I was growing up.  We moved often and dealt with financial strain each time we did.  Between those experiences and the experiences of my three siblings that have served our country, it is obvious to me that our military families can use all the help they can get when it comes to financial planning.

I have downloaded the app and found a great deal of useful information.  Studying financially advise from a number of different sources in the past, I found all the information presented here to be sound, helpful advise to anyone starting out on their own or even anyone that simply feels they need a refresher course in proper money management.  

Here is what McGraw Hill and BBB have to say about their app:

  •  For members of the military and their families, the challenges of juggling deployments, frequent moves and the basics of everyday life can put a strain on their finances. That’s why McGraw Hill Financial and the Better Business Bureau have teamed up to produce this website and a free app, My Military & Money, which features essential resources and tools to help users make informed decisions about money.

  •       Because military service men and women and their families are busy, they need information that is available anytime, anywhere. The app, available free in the iTunes store and for Android devices in the Google Play store, offers instructional videos and calculators to help reduce debt, increasing savings and build budgets while on the go.

What the app offers:
  •  Essential tools that help you create a credit card debt reduction plan, build a balanced budget and structure a savings plan.
  •  An introductory video training series that covers Making Credit Work for You, Digging Out of Debt and Building a Better Budget.
  •  Tips and information on a range of financial situations faced by service members like retirement, deployment and buying a house.
  •  An optional reminder function that prompts you to revisit your financial plans each month.
While they are still developing their useful tools section, the video tutorials are informative and easy to access there are links to useful resources for service personnel.  There are tool boxes for things like budgeting, deployment, retirement or home buying.  I see this app being beneficial to any adult, military or not, and even teens or kids, putting important financial principles at your fingertips.  

Just to be clear, if you are looking for funds tracking, multi-option budgeting tools, or savings goal tracking and access to your real financial accounts, this is not your app.  This app is all about giving you one location you can access any time of day and find sound financial advise and information about an array of real-life situations.

So what was that about a giveaway???
Well, as a great way to spread the word about the My Military & Money app, McGraw Hill Financial and the BBB are hosting a Twitter Party!  They will be introducing their app, answering questions, and giving helpful financial tips for families.

It happens October 1st at 1 pm EST.  

If you have never been to one, be prepared to have your mind blown.  There is so much action going on at those Twitter Parties it is crazy.  Crazy, but fun.  So, if you were to, say, answer a trivia question at the a for mentioned party on Twitter, October 1st at 1 pm Eastern {that is 12 noon here in Minnesota ;0}, you might just walk away with one of 5 $50 visa gift cards!!!  I could use an extra $50 right now!  

So, while I won't be hosting a giveaway on my blog this time, you can enter the running each and every time you answer a trivia question.  That's right.  I will see you there!

I guess I better give you the link to the party too ;0D

I would say, go ahead and click on that link, sign up that you are going to attend, and use the widget to add the even to your cyber calendar.  That way you won't accidentally miss your chance at a free money card.  How financially savvy would that be, huh?

Just as a side note, I also want to let you know McGraw Hill has a really amazing website full of ways to teach your kids about money.  It is called Our Kids and Money, oddly enough ;0}  I love it!  There are recommendations based on ages and several articles giving ideas of how to sneak money management lessons into every day life.  It is really worth your time to check out that site as well.

***This was a sponsored post.  While I was compensated for my time and efforts to properly review this app, the opinions were my own expressed opinions of the product.

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