Thursday, September 25, 2014

Craft 'N Chat

Woot!  Woot!
I had my first Craft 'N Chat party today.  After having to reschedule last week, we finally got our craft on.  

You see, I have been living in Minnesota for one year now, and try as I may, I can't get over missing my besties back in Arizona.  I just love those ladies.  Desperate to have some girl talk time AND a little crafting of things I am not going to have to pack up and ship away after falling in love with them...I invited every new friend I have on Facebook that lives here locally and invited them to come over for a little girl time in the craft zone.  

Like I said, I had to reschedule with all the crazy things that have been popping up lately, but we did finally break out all the wood I cut ages ago and painted up a storm.  

This was my own personal mess :0}
Awe.  It is so nice to have my counter covered in crafts once again.  Looks way more fun than the counter covered in dishes!

I made up this kit my MIL got me from the wood store in Utah.  So adorable.

I put my friend Danielle to work painting too.  She wanted to make some name signs for her kids.  Babies number 2 and 3 never got the monogram name sign baby number 1 did, so we made these.

This is Nathan ;0}  He was my big helper.  He came out and watched me saw and sand, then he worked the drill press all by himself {with supervision} and sanded both sides of the 4 holes we drilled.  It was hard work, but he did great!  I rewarded him by plastering his face with vinyl...which he wore the rest of the day.  I love kids!

More of my disaster.  This is my witches cauldron before the final coat of paint.

My poor toad is missing his eyes and so much more, but I was so excited to see how this all turned out.  I will get you better pictures when I complete the finishing touches on this set, but who can wait for a peek!?!

My friend Sarah brought these lovely ladies and they all set to work on some wood projects too.  They made a Fall for All set, my new witch's broom and some paper witch shoes.  It just fun to sit and chat with them while they worked.  I was way overdue for girl time!  Now maybe I can get momentum up to have another Craft 'N Chat next month!  I am pretty excited to try.  I am thinking of having mostly Thanksgiving stuff available for ladies to do.  We shall see...

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