Wednesday, September 3, 2014

One Happy Customer

I got the best comment yesterday from Jeanie over at!

She just received her glue gun stand she ordered from My Etsy Shop and apparently she liked it ;0} 
Originally she put in the buyer's notes that she wanted a red stand with white dots if at all possible.  

Well, I got the order just when we arrived in Utah to visit family and just so happened to have a little extra time on my hands.  I wrote her back and asked if I might play around with her logo a bit and add it to the stand.  This is what I came up with.  

I cut the whole logo out of different colors of vinyl, then layered the design together.  

Just to make sure the vinyl stayed where I put it, I brushed on a coat of mod podge, then when that dried, I sprayed it with my favorite finishing spray, the Rustoleum 2X clear matte spray.  

Jeanie was such a cutie, she posted about it on her blog.  Thanks Jeanie for the fun project and for letting me play a round a bit with the stand.  Now, I just need to locate one of your industrial hot glue guns ;0}  
Apparently it doesn't drip.  I could use one of those!

Jeanie has an adorable blog full of amazing stamping projects I can't wait to make.  Be sure to run on over to The Spotted Chick and check out her work!!!
{p.s. Thanks so much Jeanie for posting these pictures!  I totally forgot to snap a few before sending the order usual!}


  1. If someone made me one of those I would
    be happy to!!! You did a wonderful job! It useful and cute! ^-^


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