Friday, September 5, 2014

Window Shopping: Heartfelt Scrapbooks and Fabric

I might have left Utah, but I still have a couple stores to show you.  I got to go to Heartfelt for the first time, and I got to go with my friend Sharon.  She moved from Eagan, MN to Utah back in April so a day out shopping and chatting was more than awesome.  
If you like sewing, paper crafting, or both at the same time, Heartfelt is your kind of store!

They have rows and rows of paper crafting supplies.  Here is one of the stamping isles.

Awe!  I love pink.  They really have a great selection of just about any color or theme you might be looking for.  

Mind b.l.o.w.n.
Yep, for reals.

This picture was for my sister Kira.  They even had burlap in bright, vibrant colors.  I haven't had too much luck finding it for her.  Here you go Kira.  Try Heartfelt ;0}

K, this might look a little goofy, but I totally loved the little egg carton all dressed up in sweet paper and bows.  It just shows how everyday items can be made into absolutely amazingly unique gifts.  Basically I wanted to remember that idea.  You will probably see it again!

And check out this cupcake stand!!!  They made it even better with a castle around the bottom layer.  That is adorable.  Most pieces are just paper, so it won't hold up in storage probably, but the castle cup cake stand would make an awesome addition to any Pretty Princess party.  We have done our fair share of those in the SewCakeMaker household.

Don't let me forget to tell you about the clearance room.  Everything from paper, to stickers and dies, fabric and patterns.  This whole room is 50% off.  Wish you were here, don't ya?

So that is only part of the store.  
If you were standing in the threshold of the clearance room, you would turn around 180 degrees to see this.  The maze of fabric.  I got lost in there for a good long time.  I am pretty sure Sharon was wondering if she needed to send a search party in for me.

I am just a sucker for cute displays.  These little birdhouse fabric holders were too cute.

So here are my favorite racks...

They have the woodland animals fabric by Riley Blake!!!!  I can't even believe it!

I have some of this Apple of My Eye fabric just sitting here waiting for me to put it to work.

As all fabulous quilt stores, Heartfelt had samples or patterns made up all over the place.  
Eli wants this cougar big time!

Long story short, Heartfelt is a great place to grab goodies for a couple of your favorite hobbies.  Just give me a call before you go.  I need you to pick up a couple yards of fabric for me ;0}

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