Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Snowman Skirt

Wohoo!  Sewing again!  This holiday season has been a blur of busy-ness, but I have been sneaking minutes at my sewing machine all week.  Here are some skirts I pumped out today.  Snowman Skirts!  LoVE TheM!

I cut some coal pieces from black fabric, a carrot nose from orange, then used a regular old glue stick to glue the fabric pieces in place on some white squares I cut beforehand.  

Stitched a little zigzag around each fabric piece to hold it in place...Done.

I guess I should tell you I placed the white square of fabric on top of some regular copy paper before sewing to give it some stiffness.  Once I had all the snowmen top stitched, I made my slave sister Kallie tear off all the paper.  Little sisters should be good for something, right?  JK Kallie!  :0}

I had little Charlotte model the skirt before she left me for home.  Of course she was busy reading her "map" so I had to just take the picture map and all, but Charlotte makes the skirt even cuter so I guess the map can stay.

Ta-dah!  Love it.  Maybe I should make one for me.  Uh, totally kidding there.  But I am so in love with these skirts!

I also played around with this fabric, but that story is for another day ;0}

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