Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snowman Kit!

I listed a new Item on ETSY!!!
My unfinished snowman kit  :0)
I totally love this guy.

The kit includes three snowball pieces, two arms, one carrot nose, three buttons, and wire to tie the whole thing together, all for $10!

All you need to do is read the provided instructions, paint the pieces {color recommendations included}, and wire/glue your snowman together.
I am telling you, this is the absolute best way to make a snowman!  No Frostbite!!!

You can find Mr. Frosty on my Etsy site.  I currently have the listing shipping in a flat rate priority box for $11, but I can ship it parcel rate if you prefer.  Painted versions are available for $20.

Just think, you could wake each wintry morning greeted by this smiley face :0}

1 comment:

  1. That looks fun!!!! Love all of your changes, everything looks fabulous.


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