Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Snow"man Of My Dreams!

Can I get a "Woot, Woot!"
I finally made something for ME!
Monday I cut out these snowflakes and the snowman parts....and finally today, 
I painted them! 
I am so stoked.  Originally I made the snowman to hang on my front door...

But I set him up on the fireplace mantel and stood back to looked at him, I decided I really did want the "whole" snowman for the door...
And this guy looks so cute on the mantel, he might as well stay there!

This handsome devil is still hanging out on the front door, and cute as he is, the neighbors think I am totally crazy.  You see, I didn't decorate for Christmas until maybe 5 days before the holiday.  Now that it is over, I bet they have already started wondering exactly how long it will take for me to take him down.  
I have been known to take years.  I get so caught up in life and kids and orders that I tend to not even notice the house around me :0)  I am working on it!
{psss...Thanks again Joni for sending me this fabulous Santa.  
I thought you would like to know how loved he is ;0}

I like the snowman here so much, I guess I have to make holiday crafts for this spot too.  

You see the floor?  That is the remains of our rice box.  Emmalee asked if she could play with the rice box since it has been at least 6 mo. since we had it out last.  I calculated how much painting time I would get vs. how much time I would spend vacuuming it all up, and decided to grant her wish ;0)

Do you think she will want to play with it again tomorrow so I can paint a full version of this guy???
No, I don't think so either.  That is OK.  I think she has been a little playdough deprived.  Playdough will be the ammo of choice tomorrow to bargain for more painting time.

And did I mention...I cut out several Valentine and St. Patrick's Day crafts on Monday as well???
Lets hope that playdough works so I can come back with more show and tell!


  1. I just love your style! I think he looks good right where he's at. Looking forward to seeing the new goodies too- paint on!

  2. You are so great coming up with cute wood art. I love how you've painted this cute snowman.


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