Monday, January 13, 2014

BrRr Snowman Set

I am sure you are going to get sick of hearing about my Christmas all month, but really, I have more to tell.  Sorry, your just gonna have to bear with it.  

This set is my BrRr Snowman set.  I made them for all the ladies at our Christmas Eve party, except I left the hats and scraves, at my house two hours away, and couldn't give my poor aunties their snowmen.  That means that as of today, they only have the blocks that say BrRr.  Sad, I know.  But soon, they will be united with their own stubby little snowman and the world will be whole again.

I made this guy out of a piece of 2x4 that was cut to 6.5 inches tall.  Just cause I love all my blog followers, I have included the pattern for the hat, scarf and nose for free HERE from my dropbox.

I also have the Silhouette cut files for this project available for download HERE for free.  
Don't have time to make this right now but REALLY WANT ONE???
Purchase a finished set on my ETSY!

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