Thursday, September 9, 2010

More from The Wood Connection :0)

How CUTE is THIS!!!! 
I can't wait to make thousands!  I am using this boot as my table centerpieces for Super Saturday.  I think I will use them for my 200 follower giveaway too, assuming we reach 200 by Halloween :0) 
I just couldn't wait another day to post the other pictures from The Wood Connection!!!  I love that place, as you already know.  I NEED the "Wicked" craft on the top shelf.  Then check out the 2x6 faces on the bottom.  How easy would they be to make!?! 
The mouths are done with that new fatter wire everyone is using-it comes in tons of colors
I also think I "NEED" both of these word signs.  I will need them to go along with my ghosts.  You must know that a pair of these ghosts came home with me.  I am toying with mixing them in with the boot as the Super Saturday centerpieces.  We will make the decision after I see how well my new band saw cuts :0)
Sorry about the glare!  Cute, cute.  Love the hat!
Again with the hat!  Love it!  That "Trick or Treat" sign is the metal with words cut out I mentioned yesterday.  They are so cool.  They have the metal plates for all seasons and with tons of different sayings.  I think they can even do custom cuts, like your last name and such.
Also on my To-Do list!  I loved these.  I would have just bought them but the set was something like $12.  Where I can cut my own wood, I really just wanted the bat so I could have the pattern and make 20 sets, you know, like I do :0)
Not into Halloween or you are already for Christmas?  Here you go.  I don't know where they come up with this stuff!
Sorry for the overwhelming amount of things in this picture.  Now you know what it is like to be surrounded by craftiness like when in the Wood Connection :0)  On the website you can order the letters (there are several fonts and sizes to choose from) then paint and add accessories as you will.
I love the elf shoe!
Super easy presents out of 2" wood...
I have been in love with this snowman for years and have never made him.  He is of 2" wood also.

This was the last thing I noticed that I have to do. I have been looking for a manger to use for our centerpieces for the Christmas Party at church.  I need this manger to be a little smaller.  This one is actually kinda big.  It is at least 24" not counting the star :0)  I don't think it would be easy to talk over.  Whatever the case, I LOVE IT!!!

So, tomorrow begins my manic preparations for Super Saturday.  I bought wood today.  Tomorrow I will begin using every spare 5 minute increment of time to get the crafts and kits ready for September 25th!  I am getting pumped up for the incredible task that lies ahead.  Maybe I should have bought chocolate when I was buying my lumber :0) I will need it!


  1. I have a manger that my dad made years ago for each of us children to carry on a tradition we do. When it's time to dig out Christmas stuff, remind me and I'll show it to you.

  2. Vanessa, I wish I could come to your Super Saturday!!!!



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