Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding Cake Cupcakes

Whew!  What a long blog break!  You would hope I would be coming back all rested.  Not so!  That is ok because it was all worth it!  We took off Friday night for my sisters wedding in Utah.  We couldn't leave until my hubby was finished with his big presentation, so the 12 hour drive didn't end until 6am :0) 

We were so tired we could hardly walk, so what did we do?  We decorated cupcakes!!!  I baked almost 150 cupcakes Thursday, filled them Friday, bagged and packed them for their debut in Utah on Saturday.  I made a whipped cream/cream cheese frosting.  It was SOOOOO delicious, but didn't turn out :-0 

Not quite sure what to do, I ended up adding powdered sugar and treating it like a glaze.  All stress considered, they turned out pretty darn cute!  I will, however, not be making that frosting again.
Some of my stress was reduced since they had a small open house, not a full blown reception. 
It was only close family and friends.
  Check out those flowers and butterflies Madison made!  That's right.  My 12yr old strikes again!  While I was running around town getting ready to leave, she was used my sizzix to die cut the butterflies out of rice paper (purchased for $.25/sheet from the local cake supply store). Then she rubbed on luster dust, brushed on piping gel, and sprinkled with edible glitter. 

When I went to take a nap in preparation for our trip, she set about rolling and cutting out gum paste flowers.  The flowers and butterflies were completely edible!!!

I wanted to fill the cupcakes. I found instructions HERE. Basically, you cut out a center core, then fill with whatever you want.

I made carrot cake filled with cream cheese frosting, vanilla filled with lemon and cream cheese, and strawberry cheesecake cupcakes. Yumm!
Apparently the cupcakes were not only yummy, they looked good when they were worn also :0)
It appears that some people don't think cupcakes should be worn...oh well!
We are all entitled to our opinions :0)

I will show you how I made the cupcake stand later.  For now, I need to find my living room floor and try and remember how my washing machine works.

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  1. Aww the couples is so cute!! Cake looks great and yummy:)


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