Thursday, September 30, 2010

We’re All A Little Batty Sometimes

We are all a little batty sometimes, but as for me, it is more times than not!  That is why I wanted to try bat cupcake toppers. 
You remember these… the butterflies I made for  my sister’s wedding cake?  I will show you how I made them.
I bought this rice paper for $0.25 a sheet from my local cake supply store.    I was going to trace the butterflies onto the paper, then cut them out, but I remembered I had a butterfly die cut just about the right size.  “Do I dare!?!  Cut edible paper on my Sizzix Bigshot?  Why, of course I do!!!”
The rice paper is thicker than tissue paper and thinner than computer paper.  It would probably work great with a Cricut or other similar machine.

Cut the paper down to size… 
run it through the machine… 
  Ta-Dah!  Three magical butterflies.   That means that you could probably get 12 butterflies out of a sheet, all for only $0.25!   
Next step, the luster dust.  It is a very small container of pixi-like dust. 
You simply dip a dry brush into the jar of very fine powder. Tap it on the side of the jar to brush off any extras, then brush onto the paper cutout.
Rub a light layer of piping gel over the top.  Piping gel can be bought everywhere Wilton is sold, including Walmart. 
 Finally, take white/clear edible glitter (which I am out of so I skipped this step this time) and crush it in the palm of your hand.  Sprinkle on the butterflies.  Set them aside and let dry overnight. 
 It is that easy!
Now for the bats, I went to Michaels to buy a bat punch.  I am going to make a million of these for a Halloween party and thought the punch would make that quite easy.  Only problem, Micheals didn’t have a big bat punch like the one I saw at Joann’s.  It was 5 min. to closing time and I couldn’t get across town to Joann’s in time.  That meant I had to do things the hard way :0{  Never fear, I still was able to finish this whole project in less than one hour.  Trace a bat image on the rice paper with a edible marker.   
  Cut out on the line.  Take a very small amount of piping gel into a separate bowl.  Add black icing color.  Stir that up and paint it on the bat cutout.   
Take black cake sprinkles, crush them in the palm of your hand, and sprinkle the bats.  Set them aside until dry.  
When you are ready to place the bats, you can bend their wings so they look more like a bat.  There, how easy was that?  Not to mention cheep!!!  What a great way to add a little excitement to your next Halloween party!  Now I want to try this technique for holly at Christmas.  Wouldn’t that be gorgeous!?!  

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