Saturday, September 18, 2010

Seven Days And Counting :0)

Well, I finally printed out my I Spy Bag labels.  I needed to get them done so my volunteers would have enough time to sew them on bags by next Saturday.  Whew!  I can't even tell you how many hours I have spent in the car driving to every possible store that sold little things in order to make these labels.  I had to find the things first.  I kept thinking I would find my items, like snowflakes and chess pieces, but just couldn't.  Tonight I hit the jackpot at Micheals.  I finally found the ponytail beads-butterflies, fish, starfish, dragonflies, baseballs...  They are in the back at our store, not in the bead section.  Go figure!  Anyway, after a nerve racking hour, I managed to print out 60, that's right, 60 I Spy Labels. 
 I think that at least 50 are totally usable :0) 

I just sat there each and every time I ran the fabric through the printer, praying silently in my head that I would not hear the munching of heat-n-bond paper-backing under the ink cartridges.  Whew.  Now to cut out, iron, and hand out for my lovely friends to sew. 

 I have wood strewn all across my house, piles of Walmart/Joanns/Michaels bags in every corner possible.  Super Saturday-7 days and counting :0) 

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