Monday, September 27, 2010

Wahoo!!! We Did It!

Wahoo!  Super Saturday can finally be checked off
the "to-do" list for this year!!!

In typical Vanessa style I spent and entire 7 hours at the darn event and did not get a picture!  I did get one picture, a picture of Madison's reindeer brownie she made as a treat sample...then I deleted it by accident!  The one picture I had
I deleted!!!

That was what lead to my drive by "shooting" (camera-style) of a few of my friends with their fabulous projects they made.  Please enjoy the following photos of amazingly stunning Super Saturday projects modeled by the beautiful beauties that made them...

All time best seamstress for Super Saturday 2010 goes to....  Crystal!!!!
This darling lady sewed together each and every piece of the I Spy bags for me so I could run around like a chicken with a freshly severed head :0)  A million thanks to Crystal!

Bobbi and her daughter Aleah worked at amazing speeds to get all of this done.  I cannot believe that Bobbi was able to finish her felt food!!!  I really don't think I could have done it that fast myself!  Many, many thanks to Bobbi also for cutting out all of our hundreds of vinyl lettering for the Home Sign and the Happy Birthday Banners!!!  It is so lovely having such helpful and talented friends.  Bobbi worked all that vinyl while homeschooling her 3 school-aged kids and entertaining her two not in school yet!  Wow!!! 

Whitney, sporting her one of her I Spy bags and one of her temple blocks she did.  Whitney was one of the many that took some of the painting off my hands in preparation.  What a blessing!

Kim with her felt food in the works.  I really can't believe how far she got either.  I was thinking everyone would take them home and work on them over the next month.  I guess the promise of a free piece of felt food for those who finished by Christmas really did work as a motivator :0)  Now to finally decide what felt food I want to make for them..hmmm....

Fabulous Jennifer sports her Home Sign with October's candy corn and one of her black magnet boards.  Amazingly enough, Jennifer was able to get through all her projects even though I sent her to the store to pick up her own picture I was missing :0)  That is what friends are for, right?

Season made 10 of these temple blocks, among other things.  Her blocks turned out so well I really had to get a picture of them.  She picked black and white photos, black blocks and black and white papers.  The blocks came out so sophisticated and stunning!

My friend Julie, bless her heart, was sick and asleep in bed when I called asking to come take a picture.  Since I already woke her, she pulled her banner out just for the picture.  I loved the way she did her banner.  She used the die-cutted paper letters and put circles behind the letters.  It turned out so cute I just loved it! 

I also realized I never got an up-close picture of the table decorations either :0)  I gave them away to my helpers, those amazing ladies that came time after time, into the night, to help organize the event or those ladies who taught my mini classes during the event.  Crystal picked the Bats and "Boo" sign.  I didn't get to keep a set so I snagged a picture of hers. 

The witch's boot!!!  I loved the way this turned out.  Of course I could not find the orange ribbon I bought to lace the boot.  I ran to the store to buy more, but could not find what I was looking for.  Finally I found this roll of eyelash yarn in orange.  The fuzzyness was perfect.  I made the "Shoe Fits" sign with my digital scrapbook program, sent it over as a picture to Costco, then modge podged it on the block.  It made a spooky second centerpiece.

My third centerpiece was this trio Ghostly Family.  They were painted white, glittered, then spruced up with gems and tulle.  This family was such a big hit we are making them for our craft club project this month!!!
  Look out ladies, We Aren't
Done Crafting Yet!!!

Oh yeah, here are the stats from Super Saturday:
Birthday Box (no picture)-8
Birthday banner-16
Felt Food-8
FHE kits-12
Magnet Boards-32
Home Signs-36
I Spy Bags-50
Temple Blocks-120!!!!

4 mini classes:
Photo Basics
Digital Scrapbooking
Closet Organization
Preschool Fun

4 Treat Demonstrations:
Reindeer Brownies-we will show you later, I promise :0)

Now that was a lot of crafting!!!
Whew!  I need a nap!

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  1. Way to GO!!! I bet you're REALLY relieved to have that HUGE project completed!


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