Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Skirts

Madison was begging, in an Oliver Twist kind of fashion, for "More Skirts, Please?"   In an effort to give the girl what she wants and to ensure my dear singer that it is my only true love, I made these skirts yesterday. 

To begin with they looked something like this...

A little snip, a little tuck, a little hummm, hummm, hummm (and hopefully no kA-chUnck) of the sewing machine...Then they turned into this...

I actually wasn't going to make these til the weekend, but I sat straight up in bed, right about 5:30am, wide awake.  What is a girl to do, but get up and sew!!!  Besides, then they could be worn when we went BOWLING!!!

And what do you do with them when you are tired of wearing them as skirts?
You use them as mops :0)


Oh, and one more thing I got done...(sorry too lazy to take the ribbon off and take it out of the bag for my after-thought photo)
Halloween Clipies for Delainey.  Don't you just love the name Delainey!!!

Craft Club today!!!  Better get on my way!
Happy Craftoween!
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  1. Hi Vanessa!

    I love the skirts! Did you use a pattern? The clippies are adorable as well!

    Love, Amy

  2. I didn't use a pattern. I can tell you how to make them just by measuring your girls!!! Tutorial to come :0)


  3. These are so cute! Saw you on some of the linkys and just had to come over to get a closer look.


  4. Love it! Can't wait for the tutorial!!! Came over from Fireflies and Jelly Beans. :)


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