Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Spiders Have Infested!!!

The word “spiders” doesn’t usually bring about a smile, but these spiders certainly do!!!  I guess you could say it has taken me 13 months to get this project finished :0)  I cut these wiggly guys out last year, got them half-way painted, then had to stop.  They sat in a dark bin, full of other lost and forgotten holiday shapes, until just a week ago.  I had a spur-of-the-moment craft rush between etsy orders and rescued the spiders from their sad and lonely home. 

This is my favorite spider pattern.  I change the size at the drop of a hat, but always keep the face just like this.  Isn’t he cute!!!  I cut the 7 spiders out of ½” plywood.  I had three bodies missing, so I cut those out of beaded plywood.  I thought the change in texture would be fun.  Holes were drilled for the legs and I used that new fat aluminum wire for the legs. 

*disclaimer* Disregard the mess.  You are staring into our very cluttered craft/homeschool room.  Messy!  I don't bother trying to clean it up when people come over anymore.  I figure if you love me, you will still love me after seeing my mess :0) 

The web I made with three nails in the archway of our home.  I was just going to hang one string across the spans, then hang the spiders and be done.  You know I can’t do it just that simply!!!  Weaving and twisting ensued, leaving us with this cool looking web.  The kids went wild!!!  We will have to do this again next year.

While I have you, let me show you a couple of my favorite Halloween friends!  I have gotten picky over the years and have thrown out most of my decorations.  These guys are the ones who survived. 

This is Gwendolyn.  She has a twin sister, Wendolyn, who lives with my grandma.  I made them both about 10 years ago.  They are made with a muslin body, dressed, and ….check these out…
Cat slippers!!!  How cute are they!?!

This is Gerard, our scaredy ghost.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Heidi Markish wood patterns.  Check out her website!  I adapted this ghost pattern from her boo yard trio.  I have them outside too, but didn't get a picture :0)  Not surprised, are you?

Next up, Mumford.  We LOVE Mumford!!!  He is also made with a muslin body, but is then wrapped in cheesecloth and cotton bandages.  To get that realistic dirty look I sprayed him with tea stain.  I love this pattern so much I usually re-make him every other year or so. 

You have seen a lot of this one!  I am completely obsessed with this Boot.  New this year, I offered the boot, along with the ghost family and spider below,  for my craft club.  I made several for centerpieces for Super Saturday, but didn't manage to keep one for myself.  Finally I made another batch and now have one I can call my own!

This beauty is Zelma.  Zelma has a couple twins.  Her face alone takes hours to shade.  Ten years ago I got the pattern book out of a bargain bin (she is from the same book at the spiders) for $.99!!!  I have never seen such a talented artist, tole artist that is.  Most patterns get out of date after a while, but I don't think hers ever will.

These ghosts and bats you have seen a lot of as well, but these guys are new to me this year.  I finally got another set of bats cut out, painted and actually finished.  I usually spend all my time making things for everyone else and am sick of it by the time my turn comes around.  Lucky for me, I decided to make the bats and ghosts for my Bunco prizes this month.  That gave me an excuse to finish my own sets.  I am so excited!!!

Anyway, that is my collection of spooky Halloween friends.  My family and I love them all.
It isn't really fall until they come for a visit :0)


  1. I love all the decorations but that spider is hilarious!!!!

    Thanks for planting your creative seeds at Plant a Punkin Seed Party!


    Punkin Seed Productions

  2. Love the spiders, Gwendolyn, Gerard, Mumford, the shoe and the bat blocks. Hmm, I may have to email you...hee, hee.


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