Sunday, October 10, 2010

Madison's Cutie Pies

Last week was totally crazy.  I thought that when I finished Super Saturday I would have a nice easy couple of weeks to get caught up on a couple projects.  Man was I wrong!  I canned far too many jars of tomatoes, peaches, and peach jam to count.
(this picture only shows one morning’s work)

I assembled many ingredients for hairbows, but failed to finish a single one.

My etsy order for school days charms spiraled out of control!  What started out as 7 different sets of 8 turned into 20 sets of 8.  Here are the new designs I came up with.  I also did a couple more for myself, but they aren't picture-ready yet: Hello Kitty, a Princess Castle, a Rainbow, Minnie Mouse, Birthday Cake, Cupcakes, and the cutest Ice Cream Cone EVER!!!

Wanting desperately to show you something finished, here are Madison’s Cutie Pies!
  My crazy, darling daughter just decided out of the blue that she wanted to make apple pie.  Last year, yes over 12 months ago, I canned several jars of apple pie filling.  Really, I was just missing Grandma (what usually brings me to canning fruit), and that is why I made the apple pie filling.  Grandma and I always canned it together.
  My family does not like pie.  Those jars of pie filling sat on the shelf an entire year and we did not use a single one!  Madison saw some ramekins at Target, 4 in a pack for $2.50.  They worked perfectly for the mini pies she had in her mind.  I can't believe she made the pie crust completely by herself!  To bad she can't pick the clothes up of her bedroom floor!  *mom moment*   
 She made these pies first, and had filling left over so we went for a second design. 

We saw a blog post many moons ago were someone had baked pies in canning jars for her friends or something (for the life of me I can't find the post-I know I saved it somewhere!)  With that suggestion, away Madison went.   She started out by making pie crust, smooshing a bit in the bottom and smoothing it out with this weird Pampered Chef tool.  Then she added small amounts to the sides and squished it around till it lined the jar. 

In the last jar we tried to roll out the dough and then slide it in for the sides.  That worked rather well.  If you decide to give it a try, start out with the rolling method.  It might work better for you and you won't end up with such a thick crust.  I bet you could even buy store-bought pie crust, cut it into strips the height of the canning jars, and just press it into the jar.  Whatever way you go, it will be delicious!

The pie crusts were baked in the oven first, just to be certain they were fully cooked.  We preheated the oven to the temp specified on the recipe, placed the jars on a cookie sheet, and slid the sheet in the oven.  We baked them for 10 minutes, I think.  Whatever your recipe recommends.

Next, we filled them with filling, topped with a cute top crust, then baked again for 30 min.  WoW!  How cute is that!?!

I absolutely LOVED IT!!! 
Madison got to take a couple to special people in her life.  I got one of my very own!!!  What a treat.  My very own pie.  I didn't even have to share!  Best thing about a pie in a jar, you can take a couple bites, then screw the lid on and save the rest for later! 

As for this week, I think I need to impose a mandatory "MY Project Day"  Then no matter what orders I have out or craziness in my week, I can still get something of my own done!  I am thinking Thursday.  We will see how that goes.  I am thinking sewing, also!  My poor machine has been crying over there in the corner, simply begging to come out and play :0)  Wish me luck!


  1. Oh Wow! You have been a busy bee! Loving that pie in a jar...yummy and cute!!! :)

  2. a pie in a jar how cute! and the heart cute into it is such a nice touch! this is one of the best ideas i've seen in a while!

  3. I love this post! Madison did such a great job, even though I am finding this 1-1/2 years later. Very inspiring, I want to eat a pie now.


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