Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Such Wisdom for Such a Little Man

This handsome little devil is the subject of my post tonight.  My darling friend Mary made this Yoda Master for my Eli a while back.  We have all been so enamored with him that I had to show him off!
Aren't those ears ADORABLE!!!  She caught every detail from the cloak down to his cane.  I am so impressed!!!  But wait!  It gets better...
Don't you just LOVE the hair!!!  So, many months ago I saw THIS post on Happy Together, pattern and all, and I knew instantly just who to call.  Mary is my go-to yarn girl!!!  You should see some of the things she has created.  One of these days I will show you the purses she makes.  Ah-mAzing! 

Just in case this wasn't enough Yoda for ya' yet, Eli came home with his book fair listing today.  He was absolutely begging me for this book...
I don't know much about it other than the Yoda on the cover is made from PAPER!!!  We had to rush to the website, and sure enough, there were complete instructions so we all can make our very own!!!  There are actually 3 versions, a basic beginner level, a medium difficulty Yoda, and a third, very hard Yoda for Masters only(pictured above)!  You can find the link HERE.  There appear to be other Star Wars origami patterns in the works.   I can't wait to try it!  You should too :0)  Let me know how you Yoda turns out!

Good luck, and...
(I just couldn't resist :0)

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